Kirsch Matthias

Zentrum für Neurowissenschaften (ZfN)

Freiburg (Germany)

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  • Neuroinflammatory, neurotoxic & neurodegenerative mechanisms   Neuroinflammation   Cytokines
  • Development   Neural Circuit assembly & Synaptogenesis   Growth factors
  • Sensory systems   Vision   Retina: Photoreceptors, functioning
  • Glia: cell types & roles in the NS   Glia in NS disorders   Glia & Nervous system lesions
  • Development   Stem cells, Neurogenesis, neuroprotection & Brain repair   Stem cells
  • Development   Stem cells, Neurogenesis, neuroprotection & Brain repair   Neurogenesis & Gliogenesis
  • Neuroinflammatory, neurotoxic & neurodegenerative mechanisms   Neuroinflammation   in trauma & stroke
  • Neuronal excitability, synaptic activity, plasticity & neuronal networks   Network Interactions & plasticity   Post-lesional plasticity
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