Our services

Neurex proposes to turn ideas into competitive project proposals by offering consultancy services to public and private organisations who wish to set up R&D projects and training programmes in the field of Neuroscience and related areas.

We offer comprehensive support services for the planning, initiation, and implementation of national, European and international collaborative training, research and innovation projects.

Our multifaceted service portfolio includes all aspects of project management: from strategic project planning and proposal writing to successful project implementation and exploitation of research results.


1/ Project Assessment and financial programme selection

We discuss all the relevant scientific, technical, commercial and financial details of your project with you and assess your chances of success. We help you to identify the best funding programme at the national, binational, European or international level for your project.

- Strategic consultancy and positioning.


2/ Network set-up

In order to set-up a comprehensive consortium, we help you build strategic alliances by helping you to select the most appropriate partners of your network.

Additionnally, we can help you set new partnerships while using our large international network of public and private laboratories, companies and institutions.

- Support regarding the establishment of research alliances at national and European level.


3/ Grant writing

We assist you in the writing of the grant application:

- Coordination of proposal writing

- Project planning and design

- Work breakdown structures including work packages, deliverables, milestones, etc

- Compliance check with EC evaluation criteria

- Critical review of crucial proposal sections

- Draft writing for specific sections, i.e. management, dissemination, impact, risk analysis, ethics, IPR and exploitation of project results


4/ Grant management

When your grant application is successful, we help you comply with the regulation of funding agencies while supporting you with the contractual, financial and reporting procedures.

- Full administrative support (financial reports, legal agreements, amendments, etc.);

- Helpdesk services for administrative issues;

- Interface with the accountancy offices of consortium partners and the officers of the funding agencies.


4/ Project management

Given the high complexity and aims of multinational projects involving large consortia, professional project management is crucial for success.

We will help you keep an overview of all project activities and of the expected implementation plan and deliverables.

- Central monitoring of all project activities, deliverables and deadlines;

- Preparation of reports.


5/ Project communication

We will help you set the optimal internal and external communication strategies.

- Elaboration of a project corporate identity concept (e.g. logo design);

- Production and design of communication and marketing material and project film;

- Continuous communication with scientific and administrative project partners and with funding agencies;

- Set-up, implementation and maintenance of the project websites and related social media accounts;

- Organisation of internal and external project meetings and events;

- Identification of external target groups, stakeholders and media.


6/ Network management

Successful networks do not rely only on a sum of excellent partners, but more on the sharing of a common interest.

We will help you create a corporate identity and define the roles of each partner for a more effective cooperation. Moreover, we will increase the visibility of the network by communicating on the consortium, its activities and the resultts achieved.

Internal Network Services:

- Set-up of robust and transparent structures and processes

- Set-up of rules and guidelines

- Support of working groups and committees

- Preparation of network meetings

External Network Services:

- Marketing and public relations (incl. website and social media)

- Event organisation

- Fundraising

- Policy support and lobbying