Feige Bernd

Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Freiburg (Germany)

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  • Integrative Physiology and behaviour   Sleep   Sleep disorders & sleep disturbances in psychiatry
  • Integrative Physiology and behaviour   Sleep   Physiology of sleep
  • Memory, Cognition, Emotions & Motivation   Cognition, Learning & memory in animals   Attention & Decision making
  • Disorders & injury of the NS   Mood, affect & other psychiatric Disorders   ADHD
  • Integrative Physiology and behaviour   Sleep   Sleep & learning & memory
  • Integrative Physiology and behaviour   Sleep   Sleep networks
  • Memory, Cognition, Emotions & Motivation   Disorders   Addiction
  • Memory, Cognition, Emotions & Motivation   Drugs of Abuse and Addiction   Alcohol
  • Memory, Cognition, Emotions & Motivation   Disorders   ADHD
  • Development   Developmental Disorders   ADHD, SLI, dyslexia and other specific disorders of neurobehavior
  • Disorders & injury of the NS   Developmental disorders   ADHD, SLI (specific language impairment), dyslexia and other specific disorders of neurobehavior
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