Driever Wolfgang

Biologie I

Freiburg (Germany)

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  • Development   Stem cells, Neurogenesis, neuroprotection & Brain repair   Stem cells
  • Development   Neural Circuit assembly & Synaptogenesis   Nervous system patterning & morphogenesis
  • Disorders & injury of the NS   Movement disorders   Parkinson's disease
  • Development   Axon & Dendrite Development   Axon growth & guidance
  • Motor systems   Basal Ganglia/dopaminergic pathways   Development
  • Sensory systems   Somatosensation: Touch   Tactile tuning in the zebrafish
  • Motor systems   Basal Ganglia/dopaminergic pathways   Dopaminergic pathways: physiology
  • Sensory systems   Audition   Mechanosensory receptors of the Lateral Line in zebrafish