Arber Silvia


Basel (Switzerland)

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  • Development   Development of Motor, Sensory, and Limbic Systems   Motor systems
  • Motor systems   Spinal Cord   Motor circuits of the Spinal cord
  • Motor systems   Posture - Gait - Balance   The vestibular system
  • Motor systems   Posture - Gait - Balance   Sensori-motor control
  • Motor systems   Supraspinal centers   Brainstem
  • Development   Neural Circuit assembly & Synaptogenesis   Neural circuit assembly, maturation & remodeling
  • Disorders & injury of the NS   Ischemia, Brain Aging & Injury   Spinal cord Trauma
  • Motor systems   Spinal Cord   Spinal cord trauma & Plasticity
  • Sensory systems   Vestibular System   Vestibular central physiology and anatomy