Calabrese Pasquale

Institute of Psychology

Basel (Switzerland)

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  • Disorders & injury of the NS   Memory Disorders   Memory disorders in brain damaged patients
  • Memory, Cognition, Emotions & Motivation   Cognition, Learning & memory in humans   Human learning & memory deficits
  • Disorders & injury of the NS   Memory Disorders   memory defects in MS
  • Neuroinflammatory, neurotoxic & neurodegenerative mechanisms   Neurotoxic & neurodegenerative processes - Cell death mechanisms   Neurotoxins
  • Integrative Physiology and behaviour   Stress and the Brain   Stress and memory-cognition
  • Disorders & injury of the NS   Mood, affect & other psychiatric Disorders   Language disabilities
  • Disorders & injury of the NS   Inflammatory diseases, infections & neuroinflammatory conditions   Stroke
  • Disorders & injury of the NS   Ischemia, Brain Aging & Injury   Traumatic Brain Injury