Meeting "Stress, barriers & neurological disorders"

November 25, 2021

Strasbourg (France)




09.40—09.50 Introduction Piguet Pascale Neurex, University of Basel (Switzerland)

09.50—10.30 Rodriguez Aburto Maria — University College Cork (Ireland) " Role of early-life microbiota in the development of brain barriers"

10.30—11.10 Vandenbroucke Roosmarijn — Ghent University (Belgium) " The choroid plexus: an often neglected blood-brain interface that plays a central role in neuroinflammation"

11.10—11.40 coffee break

11.40—12.20 Calabrese Pasquale — University of Basel (Switzerland) " Stress and the Social brain" Picto Visio

12.20—13.00 Yossan Var-Tan — University of Rouen (France) " Bypassing the blood-brain barrier: AAV nano technology, P2X7 receptors and murine models of multiple sclerosis"

13.00—14.20 lunch break (not provided)

14.20—15.00 Rochellys Diaz Heijtz — Karolinska Institute, Stockholm (Sweden) " Release of bacterial peptidoglycans and their diffusion through gastrointestinal walls as direct and indirect signals to the nervous system"

15.00—15.40 Jean-Eric Ghia — University of Manitoba (Canada) "Impact of central and neuroimmune alterations on healthy and pathological colonic conditions"

15.40—16.10 coffee break

16.10—16.50 Theoharides Theoharis — Tufts University, Boston (USA) " Stress and mast cells regulate the blood-brain barrier: Implications for autism spectrum disorder and Long-COVID" Picto Visio

16.50—17.30 James A. Waschek — UCLA, Los Angeles (USA) " VIP/PACAP neuropeptides: Gatekeepers of immune cell traffic into the brain, intestine and placenta" Picto Visio

17.30—17.40 Closing remarks Vincent Lelièvre


Organizers : Vincent Lelièvre & Pascale Piguet




Date: Nov. 25th, 2021


Le Nouveau Patio

20A Rue René Descartes

67000 Strasbourg - France

The meeting will be held in person.

Important: please bring your sanitary pass to access to the conference room & coffee breaks.

Note that the Lunch is not provided.

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