Consciousness under the spotlight of science

August 30 - 31, 2018

Strasbourg (France)



Long regarded as unaffordable, the topic of Consciousness has been opened to empirical approaches over the last few decades. If defining consciousness still remains an unreachable dare for searchers, recent theories and hypotheses seek to outline this enigmatic phenomenon, which insistently challenges us in the deepest part of our humanity.
From minimal self to voluntary conscious mind that could typically concern humankind features, from theory of mind to artificial intelligence, from medicine to quantum physics, from neurosciences to introspective approaches that for millennia aimed at exploring its most accurate mechanisms, Consciousness, either of the self, of others or of the world, lies definitely at the heart of societal burning issues :

  • What would be the origin and the significance of Consciousness from both phylogenetic and ontogenetic point of view? Would it be an intrinsic property of the living matter or rather an emergent mechanism?
  • What does research on coma and various states of consciousness tell us about the connection between mind and brain? Can we postulate equivalence between mental and cerebral states? Is Consciousness a continual process? May consciousness reach higher levels than wakefulness? How do our unconscious and conscious systems cohabit with each other?
  • What are the latest technological and computer improvements in the field of artificial intelligence? Can we already develop autonomous systems able to build up a representation of themselves in their environment, thus addressing the relationship between artificial and human consciousness?
  • What are the significant contributions of quantum physics in the field of consciousness study?

The aim of this symposium is to bring together international experts drawn deliberately from a variety of different backgrounds but internationally recognized in the field of Consciousness study in order to review actual knowledge. By inviting this meeting of different points of view and fostering the sharing of experience, our goal is to stimulate the discussion and open up interesting research avenues. This symposium will also concern master and doctoral students (Neurosciences, Psychology, Ethology, Medicine, Computer science…) in order to enrich their training and support their opening towards interdisciplinary thinking.


Provisional list of the speakers:

Anderson, James - Kyoto, Japan
Capa Rémi - Toulouse, France
Cassol Héléna- Liège, Belgique
El Fallah Seghrouchni Amal - Paris, France
Faymonville Marie-Elisabeth - Liège, Belgique
Guillemant Philippe - Marseille, France
Hupé Jean-Michel - Toulouse, France
Kouider Sid - Paris, France
Kriegel Uriah - Paris, France
Naudin Jean - Marseille, France
Rohaut Benjamin - Paris, France
Sombrun Corine - Paris, France
Swamini Umananda - Paris, France
Tallon-Baudry Catherine - Paris, France
Vollenweider Franz - Zurich, Suisse


Poster session:

A poster session will take place during the meeting. Please find below the submission terms.

Submission of abstracts for poster session

- Abstract:
Abstract form:
Type of file: Word file - Abstracts must be submitted in English.
- title
- authors (incl. affiliations)
- Body text: limited to 250 words and including: Aims, Methods, Results and Conclusions. Please be sure not to include any symbols.

- Abstract submission:
To submit your abstract, please send your file to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
You will receive a confirmation email.
Deadline for submission: May 14th, 2018

Please note that the maximum size of the poster is A0 or 90x120 cm. Posters should be in Portrait format.



Sarah Schimchowitsch (EA  4440 LPC, Strasbourg, F) & Jean-Christophe Cassel (LNCA, Strasbourg, F)




August 30th-31st, 2018

Collège Doctoral européen

46, boulevard de la victoire

F-67000 Strasbourg



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