Revealing and studying neural manifolds

December 14, 2023

Basel (Switzerland)


On behalf of Flavio Donato and Peter Buttaroni, we would like to announce the following:

On Thursday, December 14th, it will be my great pleasure to host, in association with Peter Buttaroni of the Computational Neuroscience Initiative Basel (CNIB), will be very please to host Juan Alvaro Gallego from Imperial College London.

Juan's research sits at the intersection of systems neuroscience and neuroeingeneering, with the overall aim of understanding how the brain learns and controls behaviour, how behaviorally relevant variables are encoded in the dynamics of population activity, and how they can guide the development of next-generation Brain-Computer interfaces. You might have already come across his seminal work in the context of the development of theoretical frameworks to infer neural manifolds and latent factors from network activity, and in the application of these tools to understand how mice and non-human primates learn to control their movements.

These topics will be the subjects of two talks that Juan will give on the 14th:


Workshop (open to students and postdocs)

 10:30 - 12:30, Room U1.191 (Biozentrum)

"Revealing and studying neural manifolds"




Lecture (open to everyone): 

14:30 - 15:30, Room U1.141 (Biozentrum)

"Understanding how the brain learns and controls movement through neural manifolds"


14th of December, 2023



Maurice E. Müller Saal,

Spitalstrasse 41,

4056 Basel


Please register your attendance at this link:

For students and postdocs, there is also the possibility to have Lunch with Juan (December 14th, 13:30, Science Lounge of the Biozentrum). The number of available spots is limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so please sign up here: