Global Neuropsychiatry Group (GNG) International Case Presentation, Webinar 3 (2023)

March 30, 2023

On line (On line)


The GNG is a virtual group established to provide a forum for psychiatrists, neurologists, psychologists, neurophysiologists, clinical neuroscientists and others interested in the field of neurosciences to share knowledge and to learn from each other. The aim of the group is to make neuropsychiatry accessible across the globe. Clinicians have an opportunity to discuss complex cases and share research ideas.

The Global Neuropsychiatry Group is endorsed by the International Neuropsychiatry Association. 

The contact person is Jasvinder Singh who established The Global Neuropsychiatry Group, and is a neuropsychiatrist based in Brisbane, Australia.  (more details in the "Please note that" section below).



Leveraging advances in modern technology, blending them with rehabilitation and holistic care to develop a comprehensive care model in neuropsychiatry


Case 1: An integrative approach to disabling Parkinson’s Disease using neuromodulation, conventional rehabilitation and holistic care - 20 + 10 minutes

Case 2: An integrative approach to intractable Schizophrenia using neuromodulation, psychological therapy and holistic care - 20 + 10 minutes

Case 3: Managing intractable adolescent epilepsy associated with psychological distress combining transcutaneous Auricular Vagus Nerve Stimulation (tA-VNS) and psychological therapy - 12 + 8 minutes

Wrapping up: 5 minutes


Vivek Misra B.Tech, MS, FIAMS - Consultant in Neurosciences & Innovation, Buddhi Clinic

Dr. Rema Raghu, MBBS, MSc (Lond), DTM&H (Lond), Chief Clinical Officer, Buddhi Clinic


Chair/ Moderator: : Ennapadam S Krishnamoorthy, Founder- Buddhi Clinic


Thursday, 30th of March 2023
9 am -10:30 am, GMT London


On line


This event is supported by INA.


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You can get in touch with Jasvinder Singh via email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.