Electrophysiology to characterise functionnal neuronal networks in translational medicine, Feb.3rd 2023, Strasbourg

February 3, 2023

Strasbourg (France)


You are invited to the 1st mini-symposium organized by the Translational Medicine and Neurogenetics department of the IGBMC based at Illkirch-Graffenstaden (Strasbourg, France).
This symposium gather speakers from Germany, The Netherlands and France to talk about electrophysiology techniques and their use for neuronal network analysis.

Organised by the Translational Medecine and Neurogenetics department of the IGBMC, in collaboration with Inserm, Université de Strasbourg and CNRS.



9h - Nael Nadif Karsi (online)

Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Leveraging human neuronal networks on micro-electrode arrays to study disease-specific genotype-phenotype correlations

Recent progress in human genetics has led to the identification of hundreds of genes associated with neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs). Despite considerable progress in elucidating the genetic architecture of NDDs, a major gap exists between the genetic findings and deciphering the pathophysiology of NDDs. We generated neuronal networks from multiple patient-derived neurons with mutations in different NDD genes and  monitored the spontaneous activity of neuronal networks coupled to micro-electrode arrays (MEAs) over time and compared their activity to healthy controls and between ASD syndromes. 


9h50 - Alberto Bacci

ICM institute, Paris, France

Over-inhibition of prefrontal cortical circuits in Down syndrome

Down syndrome (DS) results in various degrees of cognitive deficits. In DS mouse models, recovery of behavioral and neurophysiological deficits using GABAAR antagonists led to hypothesize an excessive activity of inhibitory circuits in this condition. I will show specific alterations of intrinsic excitability, synaptic transmission of distinct GABAergic circuits of the prefrontal cortex of DS mice. I will also show how these microcircuit alterations resulted in alterations of network activity.


11h00 - Ulrich Egert

Faculty of Engineering and Berstein Center, Freiburg, German

Fundamentals of electrophysiology and microelectrode array recording

The presentation will be about the foundations of neurophysiological extracellular recording, with an emphasis on aspects pertaining to microelectrode array usage in vitro.


The event take place at the IGBMC, 1 rue laurent Fries, Illkirch-Graffenstaden on the Friday, 3rd February 2023.