Bernstein Seminar "The Shape of Vision: Towards Decoding the Mouse Primary Visual Cortex with Homology" by Martin Stemmler

February 1, 2021

Freiburg (Zoom) (Germany)


Martin Stemmler

Computational Neuroscience | LMU München


Topological analysis of neuronal data can reveal the low-dimensional structure of the neural code. Simple structures that can be discovered include rings, tori, or spheres.  I will give a brief conceptual overview of topological data analysis and then focus on the Klein bottle, which is a non-orientable surface embedded in four dimensions. 

 The Klein bottle is an extension of the Möbius strip to higher dimensions and describes the orientation/phase subspace of static or flashed visual gratings. I explore a new “trick”, based on the well-known cohomology approach, to decode the Klein bottle from simulations of simple cells of visual cortex.

 We are just now beginning to do experiments with the lab of Laura Busse to look for signatures of the Klein bottle explore the consequences of topological continuity for the neural code.   


Hosted by Chrsitian Leibold


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Feb 1st, 2022
from 05:15 PM to 06:00 PM

Zoom Meeting. You can contact Fiona Siegfried for meeting ID and password.

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