"From Bench-to-Bedside" Neuroscience Network Basel Symposium

February 4, 2022

Basel (Switzerland)


We are pleased to announce the "From Bench to Bedside" NNB Symposium.

The 2022 session includes :
•    Two keynote lectures from Dr Anissa Kempf (Biozentrum) and Dr Urs Fischer (USB)
•    Two sessions focusing on “Cortical top-down information processing" and “Virtual/augmented reality and its implications for the clinic


09:00 WELCOME AND OPENING: Josef Bischofberger (DBM)

Keynote Lecture 1
Chaired by Rainer Friedrich (FMI)

09:05-09:50: Anissa Kempf (Biozentrum)
“Homeostatic control of sleep in the fly"

Session “Cortical top-down information processing”
Chaired by Josef Bischofberger (DBM)

09:55-10:00: Introduction to the session
10:00-10:25: Johannes Letzkus (University Freiburg)
“Processing of top-down information in layer 1 of the auditory cortex”

10:25-10:50: Jan Schulz (Roche)
"GABAergic regulation of nonlinear dendritic information integration in cortical pyramidal neurons"

10:50-11:20 Coffee Break

11:25-11:50: Georg Keller (FMI)
“Predictive processing in cortical circuits”

11:50-12:15: Andreas Keller (IOB)
“Feedback controls what we see”

12:15-14:00 Lunch Break

Session “Virtual/augmented reality and its implications for the clinic”
Chaired by Andreas Papassotiropoulos (Transfaculty Research Platform MCN)

14:00-14:05 Introduction to the session

14:05-14:30 Dominique de Quervain (Transfaculty Research Platform MCN)
“Virtual and augmented reality in psychiatry”

14:30-14:55 Jasmine Ho (University of Zurich)
“Virtual avatars: a therapeutic approach for disorders of the bodily self”

15:00-15:25 Philippe Cattin (DBE)
“How Virtual Reality Offers New Insights Into the Brain for Surgeons and Patients”

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break

Keynote lecture 2
Chaired by Nicole Schaeren-Wiemers (DBM)
16:05-16:50 Urs Fischer (USB)

"Management of Intracerebral Haemorrhage – where is the evidence?”

16:50-17:00 CLOSING REMARKS: Josef Bischofberger (DBM)


Virtual zoom event.

Friday, the 4th of February 2022


There will be no animal experimentation certificate this year.

Registration is open at:

The zoom link will be sent later to registered persons.

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