The Neurex/Medalis fellowship has been awarded

February 18 - 22, 2021

Strasbourg-Freiburg-Basel (France)


For more than two decades, Neurex has worked toward the implementation of cross-border collaboration research projects.

To help further with the development of Neurosciences research within the Upper Rhine Valley, the LabEx Medalis offered the Neurex network funding for a PhD fellowship.

The call is now closed and the Selection Committee of 5 independent reviewers has evaluated the projects.  

The selected project was proposed by the consortium composed of Wojciech KREZEL (IGBMC, Strasbourg), Christine Schaeffer-Reiss (IPHC, Strasbourg) and Verdon TAYLOR (DBM, Basel).

Their collaborative project is entitled: Proteomic-based study of mechanisms, target and potential treatments of neurological disorder associated with rare RARb point mutations (MCOPS12).

We wish them a fruitful collaboration!

The Neurex team