The Cognitive Thalamus

December 12 - 13, 2013

Strasbourg (France)


Thursday, December 12th

08.50 Registration – Welcome coffee

09.20 Word of the hosting territorial authority: Monique Jung, Vice-Présidente de la Région Alsace

09.30 Jean-Christophe Cassel: Welcome and opening talk

09.35 Marina Bentivoglio: From the nuptial bed to the centerof the brain: the never ending story of the thalamus

MORNING SESSION - Chair: Marina Bentivoglio

10.00 John Aggleton: The distal impact of anterior thalamicdamage upon the retrosplenial cortex and hippocampus:a case for covert pathology

10.40 Coffee Break

11.10 Michael Kopelman: What does the alcoholic Korsakoffsyndrome tell us about thalamic amnesia?

11.50 Anne Lise Pitel: Effects of alcohol dependenceon thalamus

12.30 Lunch and poster session (on site)

AFTERNOON SESSION - Chair: Seralynne Vann

14.00 Marina Bentivoglio: State-dependent behaviour: thalamicmidline as nodal point of sleep-wake regulatory networks

14.40 Yogita Chudasama: The thalamus and behaviour:effects of distinct thalamic lesions

15.20 Audrey Hay: Rhomboid nucleus thalamocortical projectionsprobed with optogenetics

15.25 Coffee Break

15.50 John Dalrymple-Alford: Anterior thalamic lesions andrecovery of function: relevance to cognitive thalamus

16.30 Anna Mitchell: What does the mediodorsal thalamus do


Friday, December 13th

MORNING SESSION - Chair: Anna Mitchell

09.00 Robert Vertes: Limbic circuitry of the midline thalamus

09.40 Giulio Pergola: Associative learning beyond the medialtemporal lobe: many actors on the memory stage

10.20 Coffee Break

10.50 Seralynne Vann: The Importance of Limbic Midbrain Inputsfor Medial Diencephalic Function

11.30 Mathieu Wolff: Functional heterogeneity of limbic thalamicnuclei: from hippocampal to cortical functions

12.30 Lunch and poster session (on site)

AFTERNOON SESSION - Chair: Yogita Chudasama

14.00 Robert G. Mair: Influence of central thalamus on memorycoding properties of neurons in prefrontal cortex of the rat

14.40 Anne Pereira de Vasconcelos: Reuniens and rhomboid nucleiand spatial cognition: online or offline processing?

15.20 Coffee Break

15.50 Lisa M Savage: The nucleus reuniens mediates hippocampalfrontalinteractions for recovery of functioning in diencephalicamnesia

16.30 Xu Wei: Prefrontal Cortex-Thalamus Circuits in Fear LearningAnd Memory

17.10 Jean-Christophe Cassel: Closure and reminders



December 12th - 13th, 2013


Maison de la Région

1 place Adrien - Zeller

67000 Strasbourg - France