Call 2020 for Neurex/Medalis doctoral fellowships

May 5 - December 31, 2020

Strasbourg (France)


The call is closed.


The applicants will be contacted by the end of January regarding the results.



For more than two decades, Neurex has worked toward the implementation of cross-border collaboration research projects.

To help further with the development of Neurosciences research within the Upper Rhine Valley, the LabEx Medalis has decided to support the Neurex network by funding two PhD fellowships for a 3-year period starting early 2021.

The Neurex/Medalis doctoral fellowships 2020 action is part of the Neurex Interreg Interneuron project.


conditions of application


The fellowship will be offered to a doctoral candidate whose project will be realised in collaboration between two Neurex labs.


Eligible teams, supervisors and candidates:

1/ The doctoral candidate will be hosted in two different labs of the network (Strasbourg/Freiburg, Strasbourg/Basel and Strasbourg/Strasbourg). Priority will be given to projects involving two different universities.


2/ One of the laboratory should necessarily be part of the Drug Discovery Center Medalis:

Partner Medalis




Sylviane MULLER

UMR 7242


Christopher MUELLER

UMR 3572



UMR 7200


Frédéric SIMONIN

UMR 7242


Dominique BONNET

UMR 7200



UMR 7199


Françoise DANTZER

UMR 7242


Dominique BAGNARD



Pascal VILLA

UMS 3286



UMR 7178


Frédéric BOISSON

UMR 7178


3/ Each project leader must have the official accreditation to supervise PhD students at their University/Faculty of affiliation. This means that, if the project leader is a “second supervisor”, a “first supervisor” (i.e. who is a faculty member of the Faculty of Science) must agree to supervise the student.


4/ The project leaders have the responsibility to recruit the fellowship holder and to ensure that the candidate has the necessary academic background to be authorized to register in a PhD programme in at least one university.


Thematics concerned:

As side initiatives related to the Neurex/Medalis workshops, the projects submitted should relate to one of the following thematics:

- rare diseases: projects involving the development of new drugs or diagnostic tools in the frame of neurological diseases and rare neurological diseases (cf. Neurex/Medalis workshop held last Fall: https://www.neurex.org/events/archives/item/433-therapeutic-challenges-in-rare-neurological-diseases),

- treatment of pain: (cf. Neurex/Medalis workshop initially planned to be held on Dec. 7th https://www.neurex.org/events/events-to-come/item/450-therapeutic-challenges-in-the-treatment-of-pain), and

- neuroimmunology: (cf. Neurex workshop initially planned to be held on Nov. 27th https://www.neurex.org/events/events-to-come/item/455-meeting-neuroimmunology).


Information regarding the fellowship offered

Duration: 36 months (3 years, see agenda)

Employer: University of Strasbourg

Type of fellowship: salary

Amount: the salary will be ca. 2,000 €/month brutto during 36 months


Criteria of selection

The fellowships will be awarded based on the complementarity of the labs for the implementation of the project and on the quality of the scientific project.


Selection and recruitment of the doctoral fellow

The selection and recruitment processes fall under the responsibility of the PIs whose project has been selected.

The labs should notably make sure that the recruitment procedure aligns with their recruitment charters and is widely advertised worldwide.


Application process



Deadline for application:  Dec. 31st 2020.

Announcement of the final selection by the Scientific Board of MEDALIS: early 2021.


Who can apply?

Please pay attention to the fact that students cannot apply directly.

Students who wish to apply for a funding should directly contact supervisors, whose research proposal was selected for funding. It is the task of the supervisors to make the selection of the student.


How to apply?

Project leaders who wish to apply should fill in the downloadable form here (one form per project) and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until Dec. 31st 2020. 

This form includes information on PIs, title and description of the project, detailed description of the contribution of the respective partners, a list of publications, a short CV and an agreement to be signed by collaborating PI.



All correspondence should be addressed by e-mail to Neurex at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..