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The use and development of academic research have a very positive impact for the economy. This is why the tri-national network Neurex aims at highlighting and supporting innovative research in this area.

The objective is to encourage and support the creation of new companies, issued from the innovations (in the field of neuroscience) born in our transborder area. Support will be financial (see below) and administrative, thanks to a collaboration of Neurex with local consultancy offices.

Neurex may offer a financial support to your start-up. The stage of progress does not matter: a funding may be required when the start-up is at the very early stage of concept.

The financial support will be provided for the payment of invoices and not as cash. Activities supported include the payment of :

  • publicity costs,
  • professional advice,
  • mobility,
  • coaching for patent search,
  • varied

Moreover, Neurex will help by initiating interactions between the startups and contacts in consultancy offices.  Maximum financial support: 30.000 euros per project.

Applications will be examined by the Neurex scientific board, extended by external advisors, from both university and industry. Reviewers will be selected based on the content of the application. Confidentiality will be ensured by the signature of specific agreements. On request of the board, the candidates may be auditioned.



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