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Doctoral fellowships

Call for Neurex doctoral fellowships 2017

Deadline for application: December 12th 2016.

For more than 2 decades, Neurex has worked toward implementation of cross-border collaboration research projects.

To help further the development of Neurosciences within Eucor – The European Campus, the University of Strasbourg (France) has decided to support the Neurex network by funding two PhD fellowships along its Initiative of Excellence (IdEx)

With this scope Neurex is now launching a call for PhD fellowships (2 projects will be funded for the period 2017-2020).


Information and conditions of application


a. The project will be co-directed by two PIs

The fellowship is dedicated to a PhD student whose research project is to be completed in collaboration between two teams of the Neurex network.

One of the two laboratories should necessarily be located in Strasbourg. The other laboratory should be located in Basel or Freiburg.


b. The project will be in co-tutelle between the Universities of Strasbourg and Basel or Freiburg

The fellowship is dedicated to a PhD student who will be registered in co-tutelle between the University of Strasbourg and a partner University (Basel or Freiburg).

Therefore both project leaders must have the official accreditation to supervise PhD students at their University/Faculty of affiliation.

Additionally, the project leaders will have the responsibility to recruit the fellowship holder and to ensure that the candidate has the necessary academic background to be authorized to register in PhD at both Institutions. If the minimum requirements are not met at both Institutions and authorizations to register not granted at both places, the fellowship will be offered to another project.


c. Information regarding the fellowship offered

Duration: 36 months (3 years)

Employer: University of Strasbourg

Type of fellowship: salary  

Amount: the net salary will be ca. 1390 €/month during the 36 months

Due to administrative constraints, the work contract of the selected student must be established before April 2017.


d. Criteria of selection

The fellowships will be awarded based on the quality of the project leaders, the quality of the scientific project the complementarity of both labs in the implementation of the project.


▪▪ Application process


a. Agenda

Deadline for application: December 12th 2016.

Announcement of the final selection by the Scientific Board of Neurex: February 2017.


b. Who can apply?

Before applying, please pay attention to the fact that students cannot apply directly.

Students who wish to benefit from a funding should directly contact supervisors, who, in turn, will submit a research proposal.


c. How to apply?

Project leaders who wish to apply should fill in the form below (one form per project) that includes information on PIs, title and description of the project, detailed description of the contribution of the respective partners, a list of publications, a short CV and an agreement signed by both PIs.


▪▪ Application form

Download: here


▪▪ Contact

All correspondence should be addressed by e-mail to Domitille Boudard (