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Joint Master in Neuroscience


Universities of Strasbourg, Basel and Freiburg 

University of Strasbourg (France), together with its partners from the Universities of Basel (Switzerland) and Freiburg (Germany), offers an international training in Neuroscience for English-speaking students wishing to obtain a master degree in this field. The teaching program integrates expertise of the three partners in their respective research domains, such as cellular and integrative neuroscience, neurogenetics or computational neuroscience.

Selected students receive a two-year training that includes high-level academic training and extensive laboratory research training. All tuition are given in English. The position of this Joint Master in Neuroscience within a trinational network of over a 1000 neuroscientists working in both academic and private institutions provides an excellent basis for training in fundamental and applied Neuroscience.


Program is open to students of all nationalities. Eligible are students with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in one of the Life Sciences disciplines including medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, psychology and biology. Final decision for admission to the first year of the Master in Neuroscience course will be based on the compatibility of the student’s initial training and on her/his motivation evaluated by an interview. Students will be registered at the University of Strasbourg at the beginning of their training.

Further Information

Scientific and Administrative Secretary: Domitille BOUDARD
Phone: (+33) 3 88 45 66 06



University of Strasbourg

Strasbourg University proposes one English-speaking Master program (Joint Master in Neuroscience, see above), and three French-speaking Master programs.

Neurosciences – Parcours Joint Master in Neuroscience

Neurosciences – Parcours Neuropsychologie cognitive clinique

Neurosciences – Parcours Neurosciences cellulaires et intégrées

Neurosciences – Parcours Neurosciences et Psychologie cognitives


University of Freiburg



University of Basel