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What is Neurex


Neuroscience: a major challenge for research

Neuroscience is a leading discipline in the field of life science and represents a major challenge for public health in the 21st century. Because of the increase in the duration of life, diseases linked to cerebral degeneration or dysfunction (Alzheimer, Parkinson, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis …) will become one of the first causes of handicap and/or mortality in the world. Despite the scientific progress made over the last decades, brain mechanisms are still not completely understood and many pathologies affecting the nervous system remain without efficient treatment.


The dynamism of research in the Upper Rhine Valley

Research in neuroscience is particularly dynamic and efficient in the Upper Rhine region. Three big scientific poles – the universities of Basel (Switzerland), Freiburg (Germany) and Strasbourg (France) – bring together more than 100 laboratories and 1000 researchers, clinicians, engineers, technicians and students in this field. On top of this, there is an important potential of industrial research: the Rhine Valley welcomes international pharmaceutical companies which develop new therapies against neurological and psychiatric disorders.


NEUREX: a pole of exchanges and knowledge unique in Europe

In order to reinforce this pole of excellence the three universities neuroscience federations have decided in 1999 to link their forces by creating the Neurex cross-border network. Its geographical perimeter covers the whole Upper Rhine area, and its main aim is to develop scientific and industrial exchanges in this region. Neuroscience federations in the three universities are interested in specific and complementary fields, covering all aspects of neuroscience, from molecular analysis to behavioral studies, through an analysis of neural networks.
Neurex cooperates with EUCOR (